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I found my Taylor Gang Shirts online by using Yahoo search engine. I hope more people will be able to find the right Taylor Gang Clothing they are serching for because it can be hard at times. A lot of website claims to sell Taylor Gang Shirts but only a few have good products. I love the Taylor Gang T Shirt with the American Flag on it because it just so patriotic. I want to give props to Wiz Khalifa for being the leader of the movement. Without Wiz, Taylor Gang would just be about Converse shoes. Now Taylor Gang is a culture of intelligent people that like to listen to Pittsburgh hip hop. I can't find anybody that could hate on the Taylor Gang Movement. Maybe Kanye West would have an objection and refuse to wear Taylor Gang Shirts. I think Kanye and Wiz should squash the beef and collaborate on some dope songs. Imagine Wiz rapping over beats like Amazing and All of the Lights. I hope the two squash the beef in the future because beautiful music could of been made instead of useless shots thrown.

Some people prefer to buy Taylor Gang T Shirt from the mall and there isn't anything wrong with it but I just think online is better. You probably bought it for a higher price at the mall but it comes out to be the same since online require shipping and handling. I just love it when Curren$y get on a song with Wiz Khalifa because their chemistry is just so amazing. My dream would be to have them rap over beats by No I.D., DJ Premier, and Juicy J. I think they should start a group call the Reefulutionaries and spread the Taylor Gang Movement worldwide. Curren$y Weekend at Bernies is a pretty dope album. Right now I'm listening to You See It off of the album. I think the beat is produced by Monsta Beatz whom is Curren$y in house producer. He's part of the Jet Life movement. The horns on the beat can sound redudant at time thought. Dont' be surprise if you find Monsta Beatz wearing Taylor Gang Shirts. 


Can You Buy Taylor Gang T Shirt    

Of course you can buy Taylor Gang T Shirt, all you need is money. Some people think Curren$y is better than Lil Wayne but I don't think so. Maybe once Curren$y drop a classic album and switch up his topics. I think Lil Wayne is a better song writer overall. I don't even think Wiz Khalifa is better than Lil Wayne. The thing is Lil Wayne have one classic album which is the Carter 2 which feature a wide varieties of hit songs. Even The Carter 3 have some classic songs. I don't think Curren$y put in enough work yet to be consider superior to Lil tunechi. I respect the fact that Curren$y don't make songs cater to the radio. He doesn't change drastically but like to experiment with rapping over live instruments. Recently, Lil Wayne attended Curren$y concert in Miami. I'm sure they have a good time talking about old times. I don't expect Lil Wayne to wear any Taylor Gang T Shirt yet but he just might in the future. 

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